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Hallmark Unique Identification (HUID) Number: A Must for All Jewelers in India

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As a jeweler, it is important to understand the new regulations regarding hallmarking in India. In this article we will understand the importance of HUID for Jewellers.

The Indian government has made it mandatory for all gold jewelry sold in India to have a Hallmark Unique Identification (HUID) number. This new system is a step towards ensuring that the jewelry sold in India meets the required quality standards and is free from adulteration. 

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is responsible for implementing the HUID system for gold jewelry in India. According to the BIS, the HUID number is a 6-digit alphanumeric code that is assigned to every piece of jewelry that has been hallmarked. 

The HUID number is a unique identification number that enables the jeweler to trace the origin of the jewelry and its purity. It is also useful for the customer as it helps them to identify the authenticity of the jewelry they are purchasing.

Jewelers must obtain the HUID number for all gold jewelry sold in India from April 1, 2023. It is important for jewelers to ensure that they are following the correct hallmarking procedures and obtaining the HUID number for all gold jewelry sold in India. Non-compliance with the HUID system can result in penalties and legal action taken against jewelers.

Legal Implications of not following HUID

Legal Implications

The BIS has made it very clear that any infringement of the law will attract strict actions. These actions involve penalty, imprisonment, and cancellation of license. Therefore the jewellers need to abide by this new hallmarking law to safeguard their business. 

Exempted Region:- 

The Idukki district has been temporarily exempted from this HUID rule. The Kerala State BIS Coordinator, R.K. Roy, said that there are only a few hallmarking centers in the district. The geographical challenges make it difficult to set up more centers. He also said that the district has a large number of small jewellers who may not be able to comply with the new rule. 


The HUID system is a crucial step toward ensuring that jewelers meet the required quality standards for gold jewelry. The system helps jewelers to identify the origin of the jewelry they are selling and ensures that the purity of the gold is of the required standard. This is important as customers are becoming increasingly aware of the quality of the products they are purchasing and demand for high-quality, authentic jewelry is on the rise.

The new hallmarking law was introduced to protect consumers from being cheated by unscrupulous jewellers who sold adulterated or low-quality gold jewellery.

One of the benefits of the HUID system is that it will help to reduce the sale of adulterated gold jewelry in the market. Adulteration is a common practice in the jewelry industry, where lower-grade metals are mixed with gold to increase the weight and reduce the cost. This practice is harmful to customers as they are paying for a lower quality product that is not worth the price they are paying. With the implementation of the HUID system, customers can be assured that the jewelry they are purchasing is of the required standard and is free from adulteration.

Benefits to Jewellers:- 

Benefits to Jewellers

The HUID System is a Jewellers Friend, it offers several benefits to the jewelers. Some of them are listed below;

  • Increases the Trustworthiness of your jewelry 
  • Makes your store reliable 
  • Increases your reputation in the industry 
  • Helps you to increase your customer base 
  • Increases customer satisfaction and leads to better sales and relations 

In conclusion, it is essential for jewelers in India to comply with the new regulations regarding hallmarking and the HUID system. By obtaining the HUID number for all gold jewelry sold in India and following the correct hallmarking procedures, jewelers can avoid legal implications and build a reputation for themselves as trustworthy and reliable sellers of high-quality gold jewelry. 

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