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How to Buy Digital Gold at GoldLane: Step by Step Guide

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Digital Gold can be a cost-effective and convenient way of purchasing gold by using mobile apps and/or internet banking. If you have downloaded GoldLane application on your mobile phone and want to buy gold, but still don’t know how! Don’t worry we have got you covered, we are always here to help. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how you can buy Digital Gold at GoldLane.

Internet Investment Gold (IIG) allows investors to buy physical gold online and have it stored on their behalf.

World Gold Council terms Digital Gold as Internet Investment Gold

How to buy Gold on GoldLane?

To buy gold you must first download the app and sign up on the platform. The Minimum buying value for digital gold and silver is Re. 1. You can start your investment with re.1 but there is no limit on maximum amount you can invest, however while dealing in large quantities it is always advised to verify you KYC first. 

GoldLane does not charge any Storage fees nor does it tell you to remove your accumulated gold anytime in future. You can hold your gold seamlessly in our app.


Follow the steps in the video or continue reading the steps

On the GoldLane app

1. Select ‘ Buy’ option on homepage

2. Enter gold in quantity or the amount in rupees

3. Enter your name and billing address

4. Select payment option (i.e. Net banking/ UPI/ Card/ Wallet)

5. Once your payment is successful you are a gold owner

6. Check your statistics in the locker

goldlane app screen showing statistics page

What can I do with my accumulated digital Gold?

t GoldLane, we offer you the flexibility to either,

  • Liquidate, Sell for Cash, 
  • Exchange for gold jewellery at our partner stores or,
  • Get your gold delivered to your doorstep, in the form of GoldLane coins and bars. 

You can choose any of these options as per your convenience. Such flexibility will help you make and take the right decisions. Also, it is not compulsory to sell the entire holding at a go. You can sell any quantity of gold you wish.

GoldLane also sends you daily notifications of gold and silver prices. Once the gold price reaches your desired point you can immediately sell your gold and get cash in your bank account.

Investing in Digital Gold can do wonders to your portfolio, only if done in a right informed way. Start your Investment journey with us and enjoy the benefits of Digital Gold.

Check the Latest Gold Rates here;

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