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How to create a ‘Buy Price Alert’ in Goldlane app?

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Has is it ever happened to you that you wanted to buy gold at a certain price but missed the opportunity when the price touched it because you were not watching the price? If yes, then we have heard you. Introducing our newest feature to make gold & silver investments profitable. We are proud to launch the ‘Gold & Silver Price Alert’ feature. What this means for you: We provide you as much help and convenience, for your gold & silver investments to be successful.

All about the Price Alert feature:

1. Inside the GoldLane app you can create a price alert which will notify you when the gold or silver price crosses your set target price.

2. You can access this feature from ‘Settings’ or ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ sections

3. Create multiple alerts for gold and/or silver rate and track the rate without having to monitor it yourself.

4. With this feature never miss an opportunity to buy or sell your precious metals at your target price.

All this for free!

Watch this video to know the steps

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