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How to Gift Gold – Online; Instantly

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Gifting gold is much more than just about money. There are so many cultural reasons to give gold, from wealth to heritage and much more. In this article we explore the reason behind gold being a premium gift for ages and how you can easily gift digital gold online to your loved ones.

Early gold gifting

Gifting gold is an ancient tradition. In India, every mythology has reference to gifting gold. It is not only popular in Hindu traditions, even Bible has evidence of actual gifting with gold, where Mary and baby Jesus were presented with gift of Gold. Egyptians gifted gold to eachother around 3000 BC

Gifting Gold today

Gold continues to be a useful and a coveted gift. Just the form of it has changed. While some companies gift gold watches, others prefer gifting 24K gold coins or gold bullion. Gold is gifted on arrival of new bride and to the baby as a blessing by elders. Here gold is given with a purpose of ‘ gold as a good investment’.

When you gift cash, it will be spent. But when you gift gold it will be saved, remembered and used when needed.

Buying and gifting gold on special occasions is no doubt a good practice because Gold means wealth as permanence, and a gift for all time to be passed down.

“When you gift gold, you also gift insurance”

Digital gold gifting

Gold investment in India is slowly developing. Gold investing is now going online. In gold online investment you can accumulate digital gold, gift it, exchange it for coins and jewellery hassle free (no questions asked). Certainly, digital gold is a superior way of gifting gold than physical gold

This is the reason why many prefer purchasing gold via digital gold. With the digital infrastructure that GoldLane has created for its users, one can easily gift gold to a loved one, without worrying about its purity and where to sell.

The steps:

Step 1: Select ‘ Gift’ option on the homepage.

Step 2: Select the contact number of the person to whom you want to send the gift.

Step 3: Enter amount in ‘Rupees’ or enter the amount of Gold’ you want to send. Click Proceed

Step 4: Select a Greeting of your choice

Step 5: Enter your payment details and complete payment

You have successfully sent the gift!

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