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How to Sell Digital Gold – on GoldLane

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Digital gold is the most easiest and convenient form of buying and selling gold. You don’t have to worry about finding a jeweller nor about the purity of the gold while selling your accumulated gold.

If you have bought Digital Gold at GoldLane and want to sell it but don’t know how, we are here to help. In this article, we will guide you a step-by-step on how to sell Digital Gold at GoldLane.

How to SELL Gold at GoldLane?

To sell digital gold on GoldLane you need to first signup to the GoldLane app and accumulate gold. The Minimum selling value for digital gold and silver must be greater than or equal to Rs. 10.


Follow the steps in the video or continue reading the steps

On the GoldLane app

Once you download the Goldlane app and complete your profile, you can start accumulating gold, either in small amounts or in bulk. Once the prices go up or you want to sell your gold for cash you can do the same by following these processes given below;

1. Select ‘ Sell’ option on the homepage

2. Choose the commodity either gold or silver and enter the weight you want to sell

3. Check your bank details and enter iPin to proceed

The amount of sold gold will be directly transferred to your bank account after verification.

How long does it take for my account to be credited if I sell my digital gold?

1. For KYC-verified customers, the settlement usually takes place within the same day upto 24 hours.

2. For unverified customers, it takes 3 working days.

Note: In extremely rare cases, we may take 3 days for verified GoldLane users and you will be informed the same.

Buying and selling gold has become convenient and paper less with the help of new technology and we think its time we embrace it as digital gold has not only made buying gold easy but also time saving. Download GoldLane app to experience first class user experience and smooth gold investing process.

Pro Tip:- At Goldlane we provide a very flexible environment to the users, in the event when you want to sell your gold, we also provide the options to convert it into physical gold and get it delivered to your house, or you can adjust digital gold with jewellery too.

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