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On 28th July, 2021 we ran a social media campaign #PlantWithGoldlane. Where we asked our audience to like the post for us to plant a tree on their behalf. Many businesses today want to go green but they aren’t sure what to do first. This blog will look at the different ways that you can go green in your business as well as some of the resources that you can use to help you do so. This is our small contribution towards nature. Hope to continue with such such good initiatives in the future too.

Here are the trees that we planted as promised!

Tree plantation certificate for planting tree in Sundarbans Westbengal

Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal, India

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Grow-Trees.com provides web-enabled, cost-effective service to individuals and companies globally to enable the planting of trees. They have actively planted more than 8,998,737 trees in areas like Sundarbans, Jamshedpur, Thane etc.

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